Friday, June 27, 2014

Our Map, Coffee tour location:

View Larger Map We are located: at GPS coordinates N09°59.817' W084°25.773'
You can Type in your GPS: Rincon de San Isidro, Atenas! you may not find our name but the town you are coming to!

This map is an Atenas map, so from atenas town it is only 7 kilometers to get here!

Get Familiar with this sign: they are the ones that are in the intersections from Atenas to here! They are located about 4 feed above the ground on the sides of the road: These signs do not say El toledo Coffee Tour, they say El Toledo Organic coffee in very small letters, and there is a big T, that means tour, and that´s the most visual sign because the rest is small.

Then, in front of our farm, we have this barrel that shows you where we are!

Direction of our place!
so in this map that has a Black line you can follow from atenas! I hope this can be understood!

also some directions, from atenas, get on the road towards this towns: Palmares, B Fatima, B Mercedes, San Isidro, Los Altos, so if you are in town and is able to get on this road you just go on main road for about 7 kilometers, this also means you don't follow palmares signs, just the first one in Atenas downtown, then you follow B Mercedes, then San Isidro, then Los Altos.

from town first turn is a right to get off road 3d (at the intermittent traffic light, then straight about 4 kilometer when you find a bar at your right called "la fortuna", at thins point you go right again, start coming down, cross two bridges and start going up, around one mile you go right again (at the AYA concret sign on a intersection coming up hill), and one more mile you'll be here!

good look finding us!

View Larger Map
Here there is a map that you can view and can be expanded:

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