Saturday, September 1, 2012

Coffee Prices!

Here there is the list of products we have!
Note: prices do not include shipping cost!

Organic Certified El Toledo
This is our premium beans organic
The bag comes with 500 grams
Price is: $9.60

We also proccess some beans from our neighbors. this is something that is helping us to contribute to the comunity, we pay them better while offering a better product to a better price to them, too. Win-win oportunity that is offer while proccesing the beans echologicly!

Either kind of coffee you buy from us is helping us to keep the same ideology and trying to get our neighbors into it as well!

Non organic El Toledo
These are the premium beans from our neighbors!
There are bags of 250 and 340 grams
Price are: 250 grams $4.70, 340 grams $5.65

Non Organic Campesino
These are not our premium beans but is rated very good for most of the regular papulation!
Bags of 250 or 500 grams
Price: 250 grams $2.35

Note: this are the bags we handle, if you want an expesifique size ask for it! We'll custumize it to you!

Are you a restaurant, or a place that uses a lot of coffee? this is the most convenient way of buying our product
You can also get the amount you want in this kind of backet

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