Saturday, September 1, 2012

Volunteer program!

Be part of our volunteer program and get inmerse in coffee proccesing, organic farming, spanish language, and learn from who have learn from the farm!

Through the days we have pleanty of different activities to do! so it's not only working on the coffee! you can learn how to start using your mind and hands together working with wood! doing what ever comes in your mind!

you can Go painting any of the proyects we have!
the school next door needs to be painted!
the front wall looks enything else but the front of a school!
in this case we already have the paint, need hands!

you can start new proyects, like dehydration solar equipment to dehydrate fruits!

build a ranch for tools at the farm!

and there are more proyects in working the land!

on fridays you can be part of the sales stuff!
(this was one very rainy day by the way)

coffee farm

we have one apartment in the farm, with everything you need! You'll stay in the farm the time you want!

coffee farm
working in the farm, helping us is something we see like a way you have to suport us, to tell us keep going, have more energy to talk to more people about becoming organic farmers!

Thanks to all who have come!

Thanks to the organizations that send us volunteers, like, Su espacio, School for field studies!

thanks for filling us with your friendship
friendship we will keep for life!

you can check some other volunteer programs through Su Espacio at Su Espacio, Atenas

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